Professional Services

Single Payment Scheme Applications and Appeals

Environmental Scheme Applications

Entry Level Stewardship Scheme online applications to help you manage wildlife and conservation also Higher Level Stewardship Scheme plans and applications to further enhance your farmland and the environment

Grant Funding Advice and Applications

The Rural Development Programme for England (2007 – 2013) is the main source of agricultural grant funding and over the last few years millions of pounds have been made readily available for farmers and landowners within England. The criteria and structure of rural grants is forever changing with new funding streams opening up all the time therefore if you are considering investing in diversification or improvements on your holding please consult one of our team to see if there is a grant that will suit your needs. We have specialised experience in applying and claiming for rural grants on behalf of our clients and we would be more than happy to discuss the grants available.

Planning Application and Advice

The planning system can be quite onerous and more recent developments of national policy have brought about more uncertainty within the planning process. However, at Cundalls RFAS we are constantly completing both residential and agricultural applications from agricultural tied houses to farm buildings therefore if you are considering a development, contact us to discuss your requirements. We have an in depth, specialised knowledge of planning legislation and have a very good working relationship with several local planning authorities so please don’t hesitate to give one of our staff a call if you are considering a development.